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[TG11] Axiom 9 + Garmin Wind package? - tomeriksen - 05-09-20 05:43 AM

To save me days of work pulling wires, I'm thinking of getting a Garmin GNX Wireless package consisting of :
gWind Wireless 2 transducer
GNX™ Wind Instrument
GNX™ 20 Instrument
DST800 thru-hull smart transducer
Bunch of NMEA 2000 cables

How do I hook it up with a Axiom 9, and what limitations in performance can I expect? I guess depth offset can be trimmed by the Garmin instruments. What about depth alarm and other stuff?

Thanks in advance

RE: [TG11] Axiom 9 + Garmin Wind package? - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-13-20 01:05 AM

Hello Tom,

As far as connection goes, just plug into NMEA2000. Axiom uses the same Devicenet MicroC connector as the Garmin. All of the normal data should be available - you'll need to do calibration on the Garmin displays - but alarms generally will not be. For what I assume are legacy reasons - we implemented alarms in our Seatalk2 NMEA2000-like system many years before the NMEA2000 Alert PGNs were added to the specification, and have a lot of older software and devices that rely on that implementation - the Axiom displays don't use the Alert PGNs 126983-126988, at least at present. For good or ill, we maintain a high level of backwards compatibility and I think this is one of the rare drawbacks of that approach.