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[TG11] Wiring Axiom when replacing E97 - Grady330 - 05-09-20 04:46 PM

There is a small gray cable that has a white and a black wire in it. It is connected to a brown and yellow wire coming out of the main power cable for the E97. The wiring diagram for the E97 shows the yellow wire has to do with the “Tx trigger”. I assume this is for my HD Color Radar? I don’t see this wire in the radar manual. Any ideas?

RE: [TG11] Wiring Axiom when replacing E97 - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-13-20 01:50 AM

Hello Grady330,

If you have a look at the e-Series' installation manual, you'll see that the yellow-brown on its power cable are the NMEA0183 output +ve and -ve respectively. What document are you reading that describes them as 'trigger'? Commonly they would provide GPS data to a VHF or navigation data to a non-Raymarine autopilot, for example.