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Sr150 Problem - Mehrdad Ketabchi - 05-09-20 06:46 PM

My sr150 that came with my new 2014 boat died. I purchased a used one. I connected it today. The indicator lights seem to be ok: power orange, network green, antenna green, audio no light. The lights that are on are steady. The problem is the unit is not communicating with my e127 MFDs! I don’t have a XM subscription yet. I was going to get it today. But if I cannot see the unit on my MFDs, no point calling XM.

Any thoughts what the problem might be?

RE: Sr150 Problem - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-13-20 10:45 AM

Hi Mehrdad Ketabchi,

My first thoughts are could this be an issue related to the first SR150 failure? How did the first SR150 fail? How are you verifing the e127 is not seeing the SR150?