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AXIOM 9 in N2K with Element 9s - Dixon - 05-11-20 03:59 AM

Have recently bought AXIOM 9 connected to Quantum 18" radar and Element 9S as plotter and Element 7S for sonar.
All MFD's are connected to M2K network together with a gateway for AIS

For some reason the two Element's cannot accept the Axiom.
Axiom have no trouble with the Elements

Everything is running latest software

The local Raymarine dealer claims that AXIOM and Elements are not compatible in a M2K network.

Can this really be the case?

(Sorry the attached screen shots are in Danish language)

Dixon - Denmark

RE: AXIOM 9 in N2K with Element 9s - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-13-20 02:28 PM

Hello Dixon,

The Elements are designed as stand only units. They can interface with each other on N2K/STNG. The Axiom does need to be seperate from them and can not be on the same N2K/STNG buss.