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Upgrade chartplotter RC435 to Axiom - flammpz - 05-11-20 06:46 AM

Hi all, I am new to boating so I am a bit lost here and even though I am reading and reading it is still not very clear to me what do I need to do.

I have a raymarine RC435 chartplotter, a tridata ST60+ a ST60 wind system and a autopilot ST6000.
Additionally I have an AIS from weatherdock with NMEA0183 and WIFI.

I intent to upgrade the chartplotter to Axiom and I would like to know which cables should I buy for a proper installation.

1) can all the devices be connected to the Axiom by a seatalk NG backbone?
2) can I control the autopilot from the Axiom (or like make the autopilot follow a route and so on)?
3) Can I connect the AIS to the Axiom using the wifi connection? and would it be possible to connect them by nmea 0183 to nmea2000 adapter and to the seatalk NG?
4) If for the moment i just buy the chartplotter but I don't connect it to any backbone the chartplotter can still be used as a GPS map? Could I use the existing power source from the RC435 to power the Axiom?

RE: Upgrade chartplotter RC435 to Axiom - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-13-20 02:32 PM

Hello flammpz,

Does the AIS work on NMEA2000?