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[TG11] safe transfer of logbook when replacing RC530 - sten - 05-11-20 02:50 PM

I am running Raymarine from A-Z and it runs fine since 2001. The two main screens are RC530 and RC72 L and I use all the ST60 tridata ST6000 Autopilot and ST60 WIND

I have just bought a second hand RC530 (mint condition) to replace the RC530 that I have had by the helm since 2001.

I have taken out the “tired” RC530 and the log is still displayed so I have no major worries.

I want to I reassure that the “replacement” RC530 adopts all log data "on the boat" . It would be said if I suddenly get the log from the replacement unit or worse loose my electronic log.

Can anybody tell me what steps I have to take so that my LOGBOOK (elecronic 9500 NM) does not gets replaced or destroyed) ?

Thank you in advance!

RE: [TG11] safe transfer of logbook when replacing RC530 - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-13-20 10:39 PM

Hello Sten,

My memory on Pathfinder systems is hazy now, it's been 15 years since I used one extensively, and I can't find any certain confirmation in the handbook, but no, I don't think there is any way to back up that log data outside the display itself.

The Pathfinder displays could back up waypoints and routes over NMEA0183, Seatalk or HSB/HSB2, or to a C-Map User Card, but I know that the NMEA0183 and Seatalk data transfers won't include the Log data and I am 99% certain that the C-Map User Card backup wouldn't either (and that wouldn't help you anyway since the C-Map User Cards and USB card readers are, I suspect, no longer available and they weren't readable by standard computer software in order to allow you to extract data from them even if it were there).

They only way that I think this data can be copied between displays is over HSB/HSB2 (as you have done) and that's rather a blind alley: no display made since Pathfinder was retired in 2004 has been able to read that very old network data.

I would start transposing it manually, or at least taking photos of the screen whilst you have the data.