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[TG11] Voyager Planner serial number - Pdog1989 - 05-12-20 06:12 PM

Hi, i purchased Voyager Planner many years ago and since changed my laptop....unfortunately its asking for my serial number when i do the reinstall and i have no idea what it is. Is there a way for you to send me it based on my credentials?

RE: [TG11] Voyager Planner serial number - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-14-20 10:20 PM

Hello Pdog1989,

I'm sorry to say that we're not able to do that. Voyage Planner was produced and supported by Fugawi (Northport Systems Inc.) and they have now ended all sale, support and developments for their PC navigation software products, which although it's not listed on that page, includes Voyage Planner. We don't have any way to retrieve that information.