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[TG11] ES128 will not accept LH3 software - hcs - 05-17-20 01:55 AM

Have an es128, downloaded LH3 firmvare and as textile in unzipped files describes the two iso files should be placed on two separate sd cards.
Follows the instructions and plotter reboots and start loading different base maps. After a while plotter starts up with LH2...
Any tips on this?
Radar is in in stb modus.

RE: [TG11] ES128 will not accept LH3 software - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-20-20 01:53 AM

Hello Haakon,

That sounds like you're installing the updates in the wrong order. It's not made obvious in the download (apologies for this), but you need to insert the card with raymarine_atom-3.11.42.upgrade.iso on it first (the main LH3 software) and then once that has installed, do the ray_mfd_AtomCartographyRX5v1_22.upgrade.iso upgrade afterwards. You may see a warning saying that the second upgrade has failed, but don't worry about this, it's a false failure.