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Axion/e127 data compatability - morowsky - 05-17-20 10:27 PM

My boat has an Axiom Pro 9 and Axion 9, networked with a Quantum 2, AIS 700, Ray 60 VHF, P70/EV-1 Auto pilot, etc. The MFDs are current (3.11.42)

My friend has a new (to him) 2016 Formula PC40 with an e127, p70, i70, EV-2, radar, AIS 700, etc. His MFD is at v19.03-00036 (Light House 2).

We both are using Navionics Platinum charts.

I would like to export my routes and waypoints and import it onto his system. I thought I read a post last year that mentioned that here were some restrictions (e.g. name length), but I could not find it.

Is this export/import possible and what are the restrictions, if any.

Thank you for your assistance.


RE: Axion/e127 data compatability - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-20-20 01:30 PM

Hello morowsky,

These displays use the same format gpx data files. You can export your data to the other display with no restrictions.


RE: Axion/e127 data compatability - morowsky - 05-21-20 05:07 AM

Thank you.