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Upgrade to Axiom 9 RV - Dstokowski - 05-18-20 09:16 AM

On my sailboat I have: ST-60 Tridata, ST-60 Wind w/ wind vane, St-4000+ autopilot, C-70;display and Raystar GPS.
I want to replace the C-70 with an Axiom 9 RV display.
What other equipment or converters do I need to install to make the 9 RV work with my legacy equipment?

RE: Upgrade to Axiom 9 RV - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-20-20 03:15 PM

Hello Dstokowski,

Along with the Axiom 9 display you will want to order the c70-Axiom 9 adapter plate A80525 and the E22158 Seatalk to STNG adapter kit. These two parts will allow you to mount the new display in the c70 cutout and interface to all the existing Seatalk equipment.