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[TG11] AIS data on SeaTalkNG Network - daknecht - 05-19-20 07:42 AM

I am trying to get AIS to show up on my e95 Chartplotter through the Seatalk-ng network. I have run the AIS output of my Standard Horizon GX2150 to the high speed input of a Noland multiplexer and the high speed output of the Noland to an Actisense NGW-1 converter. That runs into the Seatalk network, but I don't see any AIS targets on the e95 even when the GX2150 shows targets nearby. Any suggestions as to why this is not working? Thanks- Dave

RE: [TG11] AIS data on SeaTalkNG Network - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-20-20 11:53 PM

Hello Dave,

If you have a look at the [url=https://forum.raymarine.com/showthread.php?tid=1890]e95' NMEA2000 diagnostic page, do you see any messages where the Message column's first block of 8 characters all together (that is then followed by 8 pairs of characters separated by spaces) has, as the middle 4 characters, any of the following:
Don't worry about the 2 characters before or 2 after this in that column, all we're interested in is the middle 4, so for example you might see a Message row that starts something like 19F80F01 followed by 8 more pairs of characters.

If you see any of these, these are AIS messages and I would check to make sure that you have the AIS Layer enabled on your chart display.
If you don't see any of those messages then I would see what diagnostics the Actisense or NoLand interfaces offer through their setup software. Or get an NMEA2000 AIS.

If in doubt, save a log of your NMEA2000 data using the instructions on that page and post it back here.