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[JB] Rearrange Axiom Apps - jmreim11 - 05-19-20 04:08 PM

Fairly new to the Axiom MFD and struggling with what should be a simple issue. Previous owner had customized a number of app combos (chart/radar, chart/fishfinder, fish finder/radar, etc.). I have deleted some of his customized apps and inserted some of my own but I'm left with blank spaces on page 1 and 2. Can't figure out how to rearrange the apps and get rid of the blank spaces. HELP!!!

RE: [JB] Rearrange Axiom Apps - Jules - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-21-20 12:46 AM

Hello jmreim11,

Welcome to the Raymarine forum,

It is not possible to simply move apps on the Axiom home page, as you've discovered. You can only create new, customize, rename or delete them. Perhaps you can consider creating a whole new profile with your name and customize the pages with your own apps just the way you like them? You can access that by pressing on the name at the top center of the Home screen.

Hope this helps

Happy boating and kind regards