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[JB] Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot - pursuit3070 - 05-20-20 12:29 PM

Hello I was wonder if this system is good for the following boat.

30’ Grady White 306

Power 2-Yamaha 250 4 stroke outboard

Steering — Seastar Hydraulic.

Steering Rams — 2 qty — HC5358-3 model

Cubic volume 8.34 cubic inches (each ram)

RE: [JB] Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot - Jules - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-20-20 08:09 PM

Hello pursuit3070,

The correct selection of a hydraulic autopilot is all about the capacity of the hydraulic rams. Please visit our website to establish what components are suitable for your vessel -> Drive Unit Selection. You must keep within the specifications of the Ram Capacity and the corresponding ACUs for a reliable system.

Note that in some systems with dual steering rams in parallel, cylinder capacity is the total of both rams. Rams in series only require single capacity value.

Happy boating and kind regards