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[JB] New electronics compatibility - Jack Greagori - 05-20-20 01:29 PM

I am ready to pull the trigger on a new system to interface with my newer Raymarine e78 MFD, heading sensor and wheel drive, the components are as follows. i70s system pack which consists of i70, ITC-5, DTS-800, and new wind transducer. P70s, ACU-100 (to interface with existing wheel drive) i70 tri-data. Seatalk ng cabling tbd.

RE: [JB] New electronics compatibility - Jules - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-20-20 09:58 PM

Hello Jack Greagori,

Welcome to the Raymarine forum,

That looks like the makings of a great system. All seems compatible, but I notice you don't have a EV-1 for the autopilot listed. You mention a heading sensor but it's not clear which it is. I'm assuming this is for a sailing vessel?

Maybe you can break down what you're actually need help with.

Happy boating and kind regards