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Axiom 12&9 erratic rebooting - Pete A - 05-24-20 12:36 PM

I just upgraded my boat to the axiom 12&9 RV and the first three times using them the 12 will reboot after about 30 minutes and a short time after that it will again and then it will constantly keep going off and starting up. I shut power off waited a minute and it starts cycle over? I’m new to the Raymarine axiom line first Raymarine products. Thank you in advanced any help would be greatly appreciated

RE: Axiom 12&9 erratic rebooting - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-28-20 02:42 PM

Hello Pete A,

Double check that the power plug is fully seated in the back of the Axiom. Next check that the power wire connections are tight and secure at the power supply. A fully charged system should show 13.7 volts when checked with a multimeter.

You can also try to load the latest version of software onto a micro sd card at this link, https://www.raymarine.eu/service-and-support/software-updates/mfds/lighthouse3/axiom-models.html?_ga=2.81401043.579530154.1590517355-1782880316.1565700269