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Use of Navman GPS Aerial - Tai Mo Shan - 05-24-20 07:45 PM

Hi all

Hopefully someone can help.

I recently replaced my (old) Navman Tracker 1250 with a new Raymarine Element 9. The Tracker had not updated a the last GPS update and so returned the incorrect date and time (and so position).

We are on a yacht so the Raymarine is installed at the nav station, below decks. It works fine, but I suspect the built in GPS will not read under low signal conditions. The old Navman had an external aerial. Is there any way I can link the old Navman aerial into the new Raymarine unit?


Paul Dickinson
Yacht Tai Mo Shan NZ234

RE: Use of Navman GPS Aerial - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-28-20 03:04 PM

Hello Tai Mo Shan,

That antenna is not compatible and will not work with the Axiom. We would recommend taking a look at the RS150 with a STNG starter kit. https://www.raymarine.eu/gps/rs150/index.html