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Axiom 12 not recognizing SR200 - Glorydays - 05-25-20 11:13 AM

I had an SR200 installed on my Axiom 12 pro last October. Recently, in the audio app the unit independently started adjusting the volume and channels. When I shut it down and restarted it would not recognize the SR200 in the Audio app at all and no lights are on in the receiver. It is getting 12.7 volts to the pins on the plug into the receiver. Is there any type of reset on the receiver or another way to trouble shoot the problem other than through the audio app?

RE: Axiom 12 not recognizing SR200 - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-29-20 09:04 AM

Hello Glorydays,

If the SR200 is getting power and the leds do not light up that is an indication of a failure of the SR200. I would recommend pulling the unit and sending it into our service department to be evaluated. https://www.raymarine.com/view/index-id=779.html