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[TG11] SeaTalk 1 Integration to i50 Tridata - Richard Hazlegrovequest433 - 05-28-20 09:43 AM

I am looking to replace an older ST60 Tridata instrument with the current i50 Tridata. The ST60 is currently powered via a SeaTalk 1 cable from a ST4000+ autopilot and from the ST60 Tridata it is further daisy chained to a ST50 wind via an E Series to SeaTalk converter cable.

Can I continue this power/data setup using a 3 pin SeaTalk/SeaTalkng adaptor from the ST4000+ to the new i50 Tridata and an ESeries/SeaTalkng adaptor from the i50 to the ST50 wind?

RE: [TG11] SeaTalk 1 Integration to i50 Tridata - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-02-20 02:06 AM

Hello Richard,

I'm not sure how you're using that Eseries-STNG cable (A06061?), I wouldn't expect you to be able to connect that to ST50 except by cutting and splicing, but perhaps it happens to fit the ST50's round 3-pin Seatalk through coincidence?

That aside, yes, you can continue your existing ST1 daisy-chain using 3-pin to 6-pin adaptors. This will then be a pure ST1 system.