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[JB11] e97 Card Reader not working - [email protected] - 06-04-20 05:07 PM

Just got 2014 used boat with e97 running version 6 software. I have tried to update to version 13 and 19 but it will not read the card. It also came with a chart card and it's not reading that either. How can I tell if it's a card reader problem, or another issue?

RE: [JB11] e97 Card Reader not working - Jules - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-17-20 01:32 AM

Hello [email protected],

Welcome to the Raymarine forum,

There are two microSD card slots in your e97. If neither of them read card media when inserted then you need to contact your nearest Service Center here> Dealer Locator to discuss options.

Happy boating and kind regards