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ECI-100 Reporting Wrong Data - jeokeefe@gmail.com - 06-15-16 12:46 PM

I have v17 installed on my MFDs (e147). No matter what, the instruments and displays are reporting that the Oil Temp in both engines is 32.1 F. I used the N2K analyzer to look at the ECI-100 engine data. Both engines whether they are cold or hot report 32.050 F in the NMEA2K message and thus 32.1F on the displays. Obviously this is incorrect. Here is my setup:

Raymarine ECI-100
Volvo D6-EVC-E (Port)
Volvo D6-EVC-E (Starboard)

Please advise. - john

RE: ECI-100 Reporting Wrong Data - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-15-16 02:15 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jeokeefe,

As the reported engine oil value is essentially 0.0 degrees Celsius, it is possible that that there may be a fault within processing performed by the ECI-100 or that the Volvo system is not measuring this engine parameter. Have you checked the Volvo engine displays to verify whether they are reporting engine oil temperature?