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Axiom 9 issues - tjwatt - 06-07-20 01:50 PM

I used my Axiom 9 for the first time this year. Prior to going out I did a update to the Ver 3.11.42 software. Now the Shortcut menu keeps popping up. It stays up for a few seconds to and occassional 45 seconds. How do I make it go stay away until I need it?

RE: Axiom 9 issues - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-26-20 03:32 PM

Hello, TJwatt,

I would go into settings>this display>factory reset. Please back up any waypoint or route information before the reset.



RE: Axiom 9 issues - tjwatt - 06-29-20 06:29 PM

That was the first thing I did. A Factory Reset. It did not fix the problem. FYI, my Axiom9 is on its way back for service. I hope it gets fixed. I am loosing a lot of precious (Covid-19) water time.

RE: Axiom 9 issues - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-02-20 12:18 PM

Hi TJwatt,

I will pass along the info,

Thank you,