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Axiom powers up by itself - howardvicars - 06-08-20 08:59 AM

I have a axiom pro running lighthouse 3.11.42 software. The unit will turn on by itself with the boat in storage. I initially thought it was the cover so I tried again with the cover off and with in a day or so it was back on. I tested the system for an current draws and found with out the raymarine axiom pro unit there is less than 10ma. Both batteries test good. Since the boat electrical system is stable Im assuming there is a software or axiom issue. Ideas?

RE: Axiom powers up by itself - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-02-20 12:43 PM

Hello howardvicars,

I would try the latest sw and a reset on the unit, https://www.raymarine.eu/service-and-support/software-updates/mfds/lighthouse3/axiom-models.html?_ga=2.153456637.456015250.1593433257-1251003136.1593194423