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Correct GPS antenna replacement for AIS700 - goldenstate - 06-11-20 02:47 PM

I am trying to install a Raymarine AIS700 in a SeatalkNG network.

Currently the AIS will function, but it is acquiring GPS location data from my Axiom screen. In other words, I am having problems making the external GPS antenna that came with the AIS700 function properly.

For my installation, I had to run the external GPS antenna coaxial cable through some chases that required me cut off the connector (the end of the antenna coax that screws into the AIS.)

I have tried several different approaches to re-attach the connector without success. I fear I may have damaged the antenna itself (which came with my set) and I want to buy a new antenna to see if that will solve my problem.

What Raymarine GPS antenna will work with my AIS 700?

The Raymarine GA150 looks like the one that came with my AIS700, but the documentation for the GA150 says nothing about compatibility with the AIS700, and does not specify if the antenna has the same TNC style connector that the AIS 700 requires.

Is there a reason that this generic antenna would not work?


Thank you in advance for your help.

RE: Correct GPS antenna replacement for AIS700 - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-24-20 10:03 AM

Hello goldenstate,

The replacement part # for the AIS700 gps antenna is R62241. It can be ordered through any Raymarine dealer or retailer, https://www.raymarine.com/buy/find-a-dealer.html

We recommend using only the above antenna with the AIS700.