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[JB] Night Mode for Axiom - dtfeld - 06-30-20 05:33 PM

The new Axiom + look to have a night mode (red screen). Is this a hardware change or is this firmware based such that the original Axioms will be able to use this night mode?

RE: [JB] Night Mode for Axiom - Jules - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-30-20 10:44 PM

He dtfeld,

The night color palette will be available as part of the next software update for all MFDs running Lighthouse 3 with the exception of eS and gS series MFDs which will remain on version 3.11.42 and will no longer be able to receive further LH3 updates

Happy boating and kind regards

RE: [JB] Night Mode for Axiom - dtfeld - 07-01-20 11:15 AM

Great News!