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ST50 VMG Wind Repeater - jefndeb - 06-20-16 01:02 PM


When a ST50 VMG wind display is pigail connected to a fully functional ST50 Wind display/system, (including a functional masthead), I read that if there is SOW on the seatalk bus (which there was not) it will repeat wind speed, (seatalk bus communication verified via lamp brightness settings) but will the wind direction pointer not function either without SOW? Just wondering because it doesn't repeat wind speed or mimicked the pointer...

RE: ST50 VMG Wind Repeater - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-20-16 03:23 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jefndeb,

Please note that ST50 Instruments are no longer supported. As such knowledge of this product family is starting to get a bit thin. According to our service team, your ST50 VMG is functioning consistently with their recollection of its design ... i.e. it should not be expected to repeat wind data in a system lacking speed through water.