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sea talk connection questions - rosenfj - 06-28-16 06:50 PM

Hi I am installing a Raymarine AIS 650 to an existing existing E125 sea talk network. What component will I need to connect the AIS to the sea talk back bone.
Also can I get the gps data for my ICOM 802 SSb radio from the sea talk network with a converter?


RE: sea talk connection questions - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-29-16 03:56 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rosenfj,

The AIS650 is designed to be interfaced to a white spur socket within the SeaTalkng backbone via an appropriate length of SeaTalkng Spur Cable. Please click here to view how SeaTalk to SeTalkng Converter may be dedicated to support supplying 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 GPS sentences to a VHF radio or SSB.