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Depth display flashing - tpaw - 07-05-16 05:30 PM

I'm interested to learn why the depth being displayed on my I70, e95 and autopilot flashes and occasionally goes blank. In shallow water; approx. 40 feet or less the depth seems to be accurate however; in depths greater then this at times the display goes blank in addition to the depth display flashing consistently at shallow depths. This problem is relatively recent, the equipment resides on a 2013 sailboat and has only been in service for a little over 2 years..

RE: Depth display flashing - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-07-16 02:14 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum tpaw,

I assume that your are indicating that Depth reported on the autopilot's control head occasionally reports dashes ... am I correct? What model of depth transducer has been interfaced to the system?

RE: Depth display flashing - tpaw - 07-19-16 04:00 PM

I have an Airmax tridata that is connected to an ITC 5 and then seatalk.

I recently completed a software upgrade on the MFD to version 17.xx hoping this would solve the issue however; it has not.

RE: Depth display flashing - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-19-16 04:59 PM


I suspect that you mean that you have a Airmar rather than Airmax transducer. Tridata is not the name given to any Airmar transducer which I can find. Would you happen to have a photo of the transducer?

RE: Depth display flashing - tpaw - 07-25-16 12:16 PM

Hi Chuck; I had to get back to my boat to verify.. it's a Airmar Smart- Tri Multisensor 02-633-01.

While sailing this weekend in water ranging from 10-45 feet the depth displays in the I70, e95 mfd and P70 all flashed intermittently with the e95 and P 70 displaying dashes at times when sailing while the I70 displayed a number however; was flashing...

RE: Depth display flashing - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-25-16 02:07 PM


Typically, the master for any specific type of data will hold its value longer than repeating devices. In this case, the i70 is acting the depth data master, while the p70 and e95 MFD are repeaters of depth data. Whether flashing or dashed, both are indicating that the Airmar smart transducer has lost contact with the bottom. While instrument depth transducers are generally designed to primarily support operation in relatively shallow water, the depth range reported should be within the specified operating range of Airmar's DST800 (Depth/Speed/Temp) smart transducer. Should such issues regularly occur when operating within the depth range which you have specified, then it would be recommended that transducer and hull be inspected for marine growth and cleaned of any such growth. Should the problem persist thereafter and the DST800 not report depth when operating in the depth range reported and not being propelled by sail or power, then it would be recommended that the transducer be replaced.