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Dragonfly Pro with Navionics+ bundle - cd34zx900 - 07-14-16 02:40 PM

I'm new to the boating/ fishing world and was looking for a charting finder for use on shallow inland lakes. I downloaded a Navionics app to my phone with very good 1ft depth resolution. What I'd like to do is purchase a fish finder/sonar with that level of detail and GPS functionality. I'm interested in the Dragonfly 5 Pro with the Navionics+ bundle but it's not clear from the this site or the Navionics site if that bundle has the full depth resolution or if I have to buy another map from Navionics.

I've attached a screen capture of the level of detail I'm after.

RE: Dragonfly Pro with Navionics+ bundle - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-19-16 09:39 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum cd34zx900,

As bundled Dragonfly displays or separately purchased from a Navionics dealer, Navionic+ chart cards are pre-populated only with Navionics Nautical Charts for the coastal waters, Great Lakes, and lakes of the US and Canada. Once registered with Navionics (http://www.navionics.com), Navionics chart cards are eligible for free Freshest Data for the first year. The Freshest Data updates for a Nav+ chart card not only include nautical charts, but also sonar charts (this is the detailed bathymetrics which you have referred to), and Community Edits. Accordingly, there should be no need to purchase another Navionics chart card for the Dragonfly display unless using the display outside of US or Canada.