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Quantumm power usage - Edge - 08-11-16 02:48 PM

Power usage is a big concernews on my small boat. I'm excited about the Quantum radar. Question, considering my MFD and the Quantum together, would I be using more wattage with a hardwired c version, or the W wi-fi connection? It would be nice with a lightning strike to not have a cable running directly to MFD, and obviously would be an easier install. However I want to have as little draw as possible on my batteries, so if I can save some wattage by running the extra cable I will.

RE: Quantumm power usage - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-12-16 02:24 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Edge,

Unfortunately, Raymarine has not specified power consumption differences for its MFDs or Quantum Radomes when operating with and without Wi-Fi enabled. That said, any increase in power consumption may be expected to be minimal in comparison to the power consumption of the transmitting radome (17W).