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a77 chartplotter sonar - Cosmos65 - 02-17-16 10:54 AM

I have just purchased all new instrument system with AV 100 wheel auto helm, fwd std wind tx, dst800 triducer, iTC-5 adapter, i70 mfd, p70 mfd and an a77 mfd/sonar/wifi mfd. I have connected the a77 to the iTC-5 with a ST spur cable and the transducers are connected to the iTC-5. The iTC-5 is in turn connected to the rest of the system via the ST backbone. My problem is when I select fishfinder on the a77 it tells me that no transducer is detected. Is the dst800 not compatible with the sonar function of my a77?



RE: a77 chartplotter sonar - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-17-16 12:15 PM

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