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navionics platinum + card - topgun1185 - 09-08-16 03:25 PM

This past winter I lost my old cf navionics card so I bought a new 904+cf card. Well in reboots my classic e120 every 3 seconds and is useless. I have gone back and forth with Navionics, new chip delete file etc. but still it does not work. Any ideas. I heard the classic E120 doesn't like a 16mb card? I wish I had my old card back! Please help> this just in I checked my working cf card and it's a 16mb card platinum plus so that's out.

RE: navionics platinum + card - Mark - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-08-16 04:02 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum topgun1185,
Sorry to hear of your experience, but ultimately Navionics is the sole provider of the E120 Cartography. From the Raymarine MFD perspective, I would make sure that the E120 is running the latest software available V5.69

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

RE: navionics platinum + card - topgun1185 - 09-09-16 12:08 PM

yes I'm running v5.69 interestingly when I was doing that upgrade I was trying to use a 16mb card and raymarine support told me the e 120 doesn't like 16mb card. when I used an 8mb card the upgrade was successful. Any ideas?

RE: navionics platinum + card - Mark - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-09-16 03:22 PM

Hi Topgun1185,
Are you sure we are not confusing Gigabytes (gb) with Megabytes (mb)?
Since product inception the lowest storage capacity CF card the E120 Classic would use for upgrades and waypoint backups was a 16mb card. That did change somewhere along the way with software changes whereas the smallest compatible CF capacity card was a 32mb card. Of course the latest software V5.69 will not fit on a 32mb card so a larger card is needed. We have found that the highest percentage of upgrade success on an E120 Classic is utilizing a 256mb CF card, but no card higher than 1GB should be used as the formatting of the CF card changes after you surpass 1GB and the E120's processor cant handle it.
As far as being successful with an 8GB CF card, perhaps it had been re-formatted but nonetheless I say you were quite fortunate.
When we talk about Navionics cartography, the E120 can utilize a much larger capacity card because it is solely reading it, not writing to it. There does come a point though where the amount of data causes the E120 Classic's processor to choke or crash because it simply isn't designed to handle today's densely populated charts. Unfortunately that is currently where we are at with your situation and ultimately Navionics is the go to cartography provider for the E120 Classic.