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E165 VS GS165 Screen - Firewood - 09-29-16 01:53 PM

I'm looking to upgrade from my Classic E-120.

I'm interested in the screen coatings on these units. My E-120 anti glare coating is 99% intact but its always a concern. The GS units seem to be more durable in that aspect being glass? What about the screen on the E165, does it have a delicate antiglare casting like the old e-120?

I read an article that the GS screens are compatible with Polarized sunglasses. What does that translate to? how will it compare to the classic e-120 with polarized glasses.

RE: E165 VS GS165 Screen - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-29-16 03:08 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Firewood,

Unlike anti-glare coating of the C/E-Series MFDs which was applied to the exterior surface of the screen, the anti-glare coating applied to the gS-Series MFDs is applied to the interior surface of the screen. Also, unlike the MFD designs which preceded them, then screens of the eS/gS-Series MFDs are bonded to the LCDs to the MFDs to eliminate any chance of condensation forming between the screen and LCD. Like all Raymarine MFDs, the screens of gS-Series MFDs are designed for use with polarized lenses to support direct viewing. As with any polarized sunglasses use to view a product having a polarized screen, should you take the polarized glasses off, hold them in front of the screen, and then slowly rotate the glasses, you will find an orientation of the sunglasses which causes the image of the MFD's screen as viewed through the sunglasses to be black.