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Seatalk2 to NMEA 2000 - mjrcpa - 09-30-16 09:52 AM

I have a NMEA device that I would like to connect to my C120 classic. I have an open Seatalk2 port on the back of the C120. Could you tell me what adapter cable I would need to hookup the C120 via the open Seatalk2 port a standard NMEA 2000 plug (on the other device)?


RE: Seatalk2 to NMEA 2000 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-03-16 10:06 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mjrcpa,

The C-Series Classic MFDs featured limited support for integration with NMEA 2000 devices and such support was primarily targeted for integration with NMEA 2000 engine systems. The SeaTalk2 / NMEA 2000 socket of the C-Series Classic MFDs was designed for use with a cable featuring a press-fit SeaTalk2 Plug (ex. A06048 SeaTalk2 to SeaTalkng Spur Adapter Cable, SeaTalk2 (F) to SeaTalk2 (F) Cable). As Raymarine has not offered SeaTalk2 to DeviceNet Adapter, it would be necessary to splice one of the aforementioned cables to a cable having a DeviceNet (M) Plug (ex. A06046 SeaTalkng Spur to DeviceNet (M) Adapter, etc.) by simply splicing leads of the same color to one another.