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Changing ip address on es98 - prperon - 10-05-16 03:26 PM

just purchased an es98. Tried to connect to marina wifi and error message comes up that there is a conflict with ip address and to change the marina address. That is obviously not going to happen. I looked through the forum and saw a message that says the ip address is not something the user is allowed to change, making it sound like it can be changed, but not easily done. I want to change the ip address of the es98, so how can i get this done.

RE: Changing ip address on es98 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-05-16 05:09 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum prperon,

It is possible that you may have been referring to an older generation of Raymarine MFDs and a problem with the programming of the MFDs within a network which had caused the MFDs to have the same IP address. In such cases, the MFD would have had to have been sent back to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to have the problem corrected.

Raymarine MFD's supporting Ethernet communications are programmed at the factory with a static Class A Private Network IP address (10.x.x.x), as have all Raymarine MFDs supporting Ethernet communications since 2005. Raymarine products featuring Ethernet interfaces depend upon this Class A Private Network IP address to conduct communications with one another. Programming the MFD with an IP address outside of this range would prevent the MFD from communicating with other Raymarine products. Accordingly, no user interface has been provided to support changing the MFD's IP. Should the MFD's IP address conflict with your marina's Wi-Fi Class A private network addressing, then it is recommended that you alternatively consider using your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hot spot through which your MFD may access the Internet in support of Theyr weather downloads or software update downloads. Regarding the latter, it is recommended that customers also consider downloading software updates to their computers and then transfer the software update files to a microSD memory card to update their products.

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