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ST 4000+ auto helm erratic... - Doug/Karen - 02-19-16 10:20 PM

The auto helm on our boat was installed in 2004, two years before we acquired the boat. We were advised by the PO that he had never found the auto helm to be consistantly reliable. It would have its good and bad days. Unfortunately, our experience has been the same. We have gone through the calibrations exercises, confirmed the location of the fluxgate compass to not be compromised by surrounding metal masses, etc. Reading this forum, I see that there are updates available. Would you suggest getting the most current technology on board as the next best step? If so, what are the product details i will be asking for?

RE: ST 4000+ auto helm erratic... - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-22-16 04:55 PM

What is the displacement weight of the vessel, loaded?

What are the symptoms are you experiencing with the pilot in Auto?