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Best MFD for existing system - F-Bomb - 11-15-16 12:21 PM

We recently purchased a new to us boat that had an existing Raymarine system using a C80 classic series MFD with analog radar, a DSM 300 a p79 transducer and a Raymarine gps antenna. Recently we added a E80 classic MFD with a separate Raymarine GPS antenna with plans to add a Raynet high speed network and have the DSM go to both machines as well as a SR100 weather receiver.

Recently we have become interested in upgrading to a newer unit in place of the C80 classic but are unsure of which MFD would fit best in our system using the DSM 300 and the SR100 (each Machine having its own GPS antenna) Touchscreen would be a big plus, as well as the ability to add different senors in the future.
Thank you

RE: Best MFD for existing system - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-15-16 05:25 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum F-Bomb,

It is not possible to interface a DSM to both a C-Series Classic MFD and to an E-Series Classic MFD such that it would supply fishfinder imaging and features to both system. Were the C80 to be replaced with a another retired E80 or E120 MFD and were the currently installed MFDs, the DSM, and SR100 to be interfaced to one another via a HS5 RayNet Network Switch, then all system data and resources (except for NTSC/PAL camera video) would be shared between the two MFDs. Interfacing the currently owned E80 with any MFD other than another E-Series Classic MFD, would not support such sharing of system data and resources.

RE: Best MFD for existing system - F-Bomb - 11-15-16 05:53 PM

Thank you. We have a raymarine Raynet hs box with 8 plugs for the ethernet cable, is this similiar to the box you are referring to?

RE: Best MFD for existing system - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 11-16-16 10:43 AM


The "Raynet hs box with 8 plugs" which you have referenced is known as the retired SeaTalkhs Network Switch and will be quite satisfactory for networking the E-Series Classic MFDs, SR100, and DSM to one another. Each of these devices would be interfaced to a SeaTalkhs Network Switch via either of the following means:
- an appropriate length of SeaTalkHS (M) to RJ45 Cable
- a cable assembly constructed from an A80272 RayNet (M) to SeaTalkHS (M) Adapter and an appropriate length of RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) Cable.