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EV1 DILEMMA HELP - Holts - 02-24-16 01:56 PM

I purchased a EV1 Autopilot system with the 0.5 Pump, ACU 100 and EV sensor core with the p 70R control. After I installed everything but the hydraulic lines and adapters, I found out that SeaStar Solutions gave me the wrong ram capacity which might mean I cannot use this system. My question is: Can I get the Type 1 pump and the ACU200 but keep everything else? Or would it be better to try and sell all of this and go to the next level. I know the ram capacity fits the next system up.

Thank you

RE: EV1 DILEMMA HELP - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-24-16 02:44 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Holts,

As the EV-1 Sensor Core and p70R are common components to the Evolution Autopilots, it would indeed be possible to simply replace your ACU-100 with an ACU-200.