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Uploading Waypoints to C120W - Mike Lewis - 12-27-16 09:42 AM

I am new to Raymarine equipment, I recently purchased a vessel with a Raymarine C120W. Working with Chuck, I purchase the Voyage Planner software and I have formatted and loaded all of my waypoints into the software from my previous equipment and history. I have a CF memory card, and I am ready to take the next steps to loading these waypoints onto my C120W machine. Since I am new to the Raymarine protocol and equipment, are there any roadblocks that I should anticipate when trying to upload to the machine? Any help is appreciated as I am traveling South with the boat this week. Thanks

RE: Uploading Waypoints to C120W - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-27-16 10:46 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should there be any doubt in Archive.fsh file produced, then you may attach it to a response to this thread for testing.