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SiriusXM Radar Resolution - marccooper - 02-25-16 11:47 AM

The radar resolution SiriusXM provides to Raymarine is not very good. The radar resolution is much better on SiriusXM for Garmin and on most web radar sites. Is there any plan for Raymarine to upgrade its radar resolution?

RE: SiriusXM Radar Resolution - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-17-16 09:12 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Marc,

In a nutshell, Raymarine and third party SiriusXM satellite receivers are supplied with exactly the same resolution of weather data. The perception of greater resolution within one manufacturer's products is the result of smoothing algorithms designed to improve the appearance, albeit not necessarily the accuracy, of the NOWRAD data. As indicated within a related discussion within the retired Raymarine Technical Community Forum, the designers of Raymarine MFD software have opted not to employ such smoothing algorithms, as it may be misleading with respect to the resolution of the NOWRAD and other weather graphics layers. Instead, Raymarine MFDs have been designed to plot exactly the data which has received. When so plotted, this can have appearance of reduced resolution when ranged well in. When viewing NOWRAD weather, it is typically recommended that it be viewed at a regional level (New England, Florida, etc.)