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Depth finder - Ub2m4 - 02-14-17 01:46 PM

New to me 2013 22 ft bay boat with 9" hybrid touch chart plotter. Intermittent loss of depth in shallow and/or deep water, stationary or at speed. Technician informs me I have 200 megahertz transducer. Going to be serviced next week. If transducer the problem, should I replace with 50/200 megahertz and which model number. Will be fishing both keys back country as well as deep 50-200 water. Thank you

RE: Depth finder - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-14-17 02:36 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ub2m4,

It is possible that you own an e97 MFD? If so, then please note that the ax7/cx7/e7D/eSx7 MFDs are compatible with any of the transducers found here. The only compatible fishfinder transducer which Raymarine had offered for these MFDs which had only supported 200kHz was the P48 fanbeam transducer. The P48 transducer was primarily designed for operation in relatively shallow inland waters such as that found within a river or shallow lake / pond. Fishfinding products will typically not be able to report depth when operating in water which has a depth of less than 3' below the transducer. The A102138 P58 would typically be recommended for those owning an ax7/cx7/e7D/eSx7 MFD, seeking a transom mounted transducer, and fishing in the range of depths specified.

RE: Depth finder - Ub2m4 - 02-14-17 04:56 PM

Yes it is e97 mfd. I failed to mention it has through hull transducer. How does this change the recommendations. Thank you.

RE: Depth finder - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-15-17 09:33 AM


The link to compatible transducers provided within my initial response remains valid. Should you respond with the model of fishfinder transducer which is currently installed onboard the vessel, then I may be able to provide recommended replacement transducer which may fit into the same [censored]. Alternatively, the aforementioned transom mounted transducer is commonly used with outboard powered hulls of this length which have not been fitted out with trim tabs. This alternative transducer would add speed through water data (of value for trolling) to the system.

RE: Depth finder - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-15-17 03:57 PM

Sorry, but new to Ray Marine. Boat is Sea Hunt BX 22 BR came with 9 inch Ray Marine hybrid touch. Have no other info other than through hull transducer in stern midline. Tech who looked at boat and Ray Marine unit told me it only had 200 megahertz transducer. Bass boats do seem easier. Thanks much.

RE: Depth finder - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-15-17 04:03 PM


You may have mis-understood the information provided as the a97 MFD's TRANSDUCER socket may only be mated to compatible fishfinder transducers operating at 200kHz or both 50kHz and 200kHz. Unfortunately, we would be unable to identify the model of transducer installed onboard your boat based upon the make/model of boat ... however, your boat's manufacturer may. That said, should you review the FAQ referenced within the previous response then you may find information concerning how you may identify the make/model of transducer which is installed onboard the boat.

RE: Depth finder - Ub2m4 - 02-15-17 04:54 PM

It is a learning curve and a lot steeper than I expected. I am sure to have more questions after the techs have a look next Tuesday. Thank you for your patience.

RE: Depth finder - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-15-17 04:56 PM

You're welcome.