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cmaps vs. navionics vs. lighthouse - marendee - 02-22-17 01:04 PM

I am considering purchasing a dragonfly 5m or 5 pro. I am confused as to the best chart operating system to choose. I have been online and researched the products and I still have questions. My needs are very simple as I just fish in Puget Sound. I require depth soundings, depth curves, and the ability plot waypoints. Also ease of use. Any suggestions?

RE: cmaps vs. navionics vs. lighthouse - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-22-17 01:39 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum marendee,

LightHouse US NOAA Raster and Vector Charts are typically recommended for those seeking basic navigational cartography for their systems and who additionally do not desired to view tide or current data on their systems. Should the boat be primarily used for fishing and/or should it be desired to view tide or current data on their systems, then Navionics or C-Map cartography are typically recommended. The Navionics+ chart cards offered with Raymarine Dragonfly displays may be re-populated by their owners (via the Navionics Chart Installer and a Navionics Freshest Data Updates subscription) with up to data navigational charts as well as SonarCharts. The latter is a set of very detailed bathymetric curves which can be very helpful for fishermen seeking bottom structure which is prone to attracting fish. C-Map offers similar detailed bathymetric cartography with its 4D MAX+ chart cards.