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Autopilot Application SPX10 vs SPX30 - Taylor7000 - 03-02-17 11:09 PM

Can I replace my SPX30 with an SPX10? I have a type 2 long actuator and the sailboat is 15 tons. If the integrated solenoids will not handle the current I can use external relays so that the current is very low. The main reason is cost. I already have the relays. Looks to me that the only difference in the two is the load capability of the actuator relays. There is input for the rudder reference and fluxgate compass. I assume that the course keeping ability is the same. Comments please...........

RE: Autopilot Application SPX10 vs SPX30 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-03-17 04:22 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Taylor7000,

The design of the SPX10 is not designed handle the power requirements of Type 2 drives and your suggestion to utilize external relays would not be recommended. Should a SPX30 have failed, then it should be serviced Raymarine’s Product Repair Center, replaced with an EV-400 Sail Autopilot or replaced with a second hand SPX30 or S3G autopilot course computer.