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ST 4000 Control Head - serenade - 03-04-17 08:21 AM

The Auto button the control head does not respond when pressed. The face still has the heading info and the Standby button beeps when pressed. Can this be remedied?

If not is there a replacement control head I can obtain to run the unit. We just purchase a new wheel motor unit last year.


RE: ST 4000 Control Head - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-06-17 04:58 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum serenade,

Please note that the ST4000/ST5000 and ST4000+/ST5000+ combined an autopilot course computer and autopilot control head into a single product. Unfortunately, should button of these autopilots become inoperable or the display of these autopilots fail, then it would be necessary to replace this combination autopilot course computer and autopilot control head. If seeking currently manufactured Raymarine autopilot to replace this item, then the following Evolution Autopilot components would be recommended:
- EV-1 Sensor Core
- p70S/p70RS Autopilot Control Head (a p70S would typically be used for sailboat applications)
- ACU (model is dependent upon the model of the drive unit which is presently installed onboard ... an ACU-100 would be used with a sailboat's wheel drive)
- SeaTalkng backbone kit to interface the above listed components to one another

Note: the currently installed rudder reference transducer and drive unit may be retained for use with an Evolution autopilot.