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Do I have a fish finder? - speakrdude - 03-05-16 08:13 AM

Excuse my ignorance, but I am new to the Raymarine family.
I recently purchased a 2002 Sea Ray 340, and it has a C80, an st60 tri data, on the dash, with a radar dome and gps on the arch.

I cannot get the st60 tridata to power up, so not really sure where to start troubleshooting.

Does this system suggest, I have a transducer mounted and could have a graphical representation of the bottom, or is that another piece of hardware?

Thanks and bear with me please!

Jim Crews

RE: Do I have a fish finder? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-05-16 08:40 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Jim,

In order to utilize the fishfinder features of a C-Series Classic MFD, one of the following must be interfaced to the MFDs DSM port:
- retired DSM300 w/compatible fishfinder transducer
- retired DSM30 w/compatible fishfinder transducer
- retired DSM250 w/compatible fishfinder transducer

In order for an instrument depth sounder (i.e. ST60 Tridata) or DSM to report depth, the vessel most be located in the water and the water's depth below the depth or fishfinder transducer must be at least 3'. The C-Series Classic MFD is not designed to supply power to a DSM or SeaTalk bus (which in turn would supply power to ST60 Tridata). Troubleshooting would begin by testing the system again after ensuring that all of the vessel's power circuits and marine electronics as well as a through examination of the vessel to determine whether a DSM has been interfaced to the MFD's DSM socket.

RE: Do I have a fish finder? - speakrdude - 03-07-16 07:09 PM

Very Good! I currently have boat in a slip in about 40' depth, so good to go there.
As far as I can tell, the st60, is not getting power.
I measured "Sea-talk" bus and cannot get +12v on any pins with reference to gnd.

I gently "tugged" on the cable and it goes to something heavy in the side of the cockpit, behind a plastic cover. I didn't have time to get to that today, but will tomorrow.

RE: Do I have a fish finder? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-08-16 11:17 AM

You're welcome.