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Route Transfer VP to MFD fails - FredFish56 - 04-08-17 02:09 PM

I have been trying for over a day to transfer the routes from VP to my a Series MFD running version 17 Lighthouse II. The waypoints transferred without a problem. First I get the warning that some of the waypoints already exist, I select the option to do for a occurrences of the issue, then select do not copy. The almost immediately I get the red X and the message that the transfer failed.

When I check on the MFD there are not routes.

RE: Route Transfer VP to MFD fails - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-10-17 10:17 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Fred,

At the time of this response, Voyage Planner software did not support waypoint/route transfer to a MFD via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Transfer of waypoints, routes, and tracks must be performed using a microSD memory card as the transfer media and the selected format of the data file to be saved to the microSD memory card should be GPX (Raymarine extensions). Should you have done so and the reported problem occur, then please attach the GPX file which had been produced by Voyage Planner to this thread for further analysis.

RE: Route Transfer VP to MFD fails - FredFish56 - 04-12-17 05:57 PM

The previous tries were by microSD cards. The Waypoints transferred BUT without the folders they were organized in and the icons were lost. The routes did not transfer at all. Now there are two types of GPX. There is an extended Raymarine and a standard GPX. Both fail in the same manner. I have attached both the standard type GPX and the extended Raymarine type GPX.

RE: Route Transfer VP to MFD fails - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-13-17 10:43 AM


Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. The constraints specified for waypoint names also apply to routes, tracks, and waypoint folder/groups. Unfortunately, this constraint for route name lengths does not appear to be enforced by Voyage Planner and a problem report will be generated to address this issue within a future Voyage Planner software update. Also, care must be taken when exporting data to GPX files to ensure that the option for Raymarine extensions is chosen ... otherwise, the associated waypoint symbols will not included with the data imported into the MFD.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=885]

RE: Route Transfer VP to MFD fails - FredFish56 - 04-13-17 12:30 PM

On the attachment that you sent of the window titled Data.gpx-Routes does not make any sense. If you are trying to tell me that for example Line 2 STJOHNRV79 - FECRRBRGW is illegal that would be fine except my Routes list in VP that route DOES NOT EXIST! Neither do any of the other routes in the window which have a WP - WP.

I know all about the limitations, character length, characters NOT to use etc. That is why I asked about them earlier. I also have a total of 27 routes, this is showing only 9 routes that are actually listed in VP so there are 18 missing. So how do I get rid of these for lack of a better term "ghost" routes that are somehow getting into the GPX file and are NOT LISTED in the VP List of routes?

RE: Route Transfer VP to MFD fails - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-13-17 01:05 PM


Were any of these routes and/or waypoints initially created using another chartplotting product or navigational software application and then imported into Voyage Planner? Our engineering team was also interested in whether any manipulation may have taken place to the GPX file after VP had exported it ... no accusations ... just trying to gather all of the variables.

RE: Route Transfer VP to MFD fails - FredFish56 - 04-13-17 01:50 PM

No worries. The routes and waypoints were all originally created in Voyage Planner. There was no manipulation of the GPX file either. I exported the two GPX files that I attached earlier from Voyage Planner to my desktop and straight from there to the email.