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VoyagePlanner Charts and Quilting - viben - 04-14-17 01:47 PM

Based on your recommendation, I just purchased VoyagePlanner. I also downloaded and installed the NOAA East Coast charts.

However, as the attachment indicates, the charts do not display properly.

Firstly, I believe Neuse River and New Bern, NC, is included in the NOAA charts. In Voyage Planner, this area comes up empty.

Secondly, when moving to other areas, the chart borders are all crazy. I have tried to use the Voyage Chart Quilter, but that app does not recognize the NOAA charts, as indicated in the second attachment.

Please help!

RE: VoyagePlanner Charts and Quilting - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-21-17 03:07 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum viben,

Please excuse this late response to your question, as I was waiting to determine whether a later NOAA ENC chart update would correct the issue reported. Occasionally, problems associated with the NOAA data can result in problem such as you have reported. Generally, such problems are resolved within a few days after NOAA has updated its databases. As you can see by my attachment to this post, the latest NOAA ENC chart update for 06 Norfolk, VA to Florida including the ICW does not have this issue. It is recommended that you inspect the Settings->Charts within Voyage Planner to determine where charts downloaded via Voyage Planner are being stored on your computer. Voyage Planner should then be exited and the "06 Norfolk, VA to Florida including the ICW" folder within the "NOAA ENC" folder should then be deleted. Voyage Planner should then be run and the 06 Norfolk, VA to Florida including the ICW region should once again be downloaded via Voyage Planner.