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power concerns - Sallysea - 04-30-17 11:36 AM

Hello again, I have everything up and running and am pleased with the performance. This includes the c127, external gps antenna, quantum radar,Ray60 and an off brand camera. To ensure adequate power, I ran 12guage wires directly from the battery to a new junction box. All of the above and only the above are attached to the junction box with proper 5a fuses. The problem is that it is draining my battery. In taking the positive lead off the battery, it sparks telling me there is a load somewhere despite the vhf and c127 turned off.
My thought was to install a simple on/off switch in the positive lead from the battery to the junction box. Your thoughts on sources of the load and the switch?

RE: power concerns - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-02-17 03:14 PM


The the a/c/e/eS-Series MFDs are not designed to supply power to other products, switching the MFD OFF via its POWER button would have no effect on the power state of the other devices within system. The same applies to the Ray60. Accordingly, power consumption by the Quantum Radome and external GPS Sensor will continue after the MFD and VHF radio have been switched OFF. If seeking to completely shut down power to the marine electronics, then they should be powered via a switched power circuit(s). Please click here to view a FAQ addressing recommendations for creating power circuits for marine electronics.

RE: power concerns - Sallysea - 05-02-17 06:18 PM

That is good information, installed an on/off switch in the incoming line and solved the problem. I did not realize the External GPS and the Radar would still be using juice. It is interesting that the VHF comes on when I turn on the this power switch despite the unit being turned off. It is not important just curious.

RE: power concerns - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-03-17 08:22 AM


As indicated within the previously referenced FAQ, most Raymarine products having a user interface (screen and/or buttons/controls) have a last power state memory feature. Should the VHF radio have been switched OFF via its power button and you have waited at least a minute before switching OFF the circuit supplying the electronics with power, then it would be expected that the VHF should remain OFF after this circuit is next energized.