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St40 and p79 in hull transducer - rosaleah - 05-01-17 06:42 PM

Hi I have a st40 depth display that I installed with an in hull p79 transducer and it has been acting up since the beginning. I read some where that the ST40 was not recommended for the p79 transducer because it was not powerful enough. Would a st60 display or Isereies display work better and could these units talk to another ST40 slave.



RE: St40 and p79 in hull transducer - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-02-17 02:58 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Duane,

Due to the low power output of i40 & ST40 depth sounding instruments, it is not recommended that these instruments be used with in-hull transducers. Instead, it is recommended that the i40 and ST40 depth sounding instruments be used with compatible analog thru-hull and transom mounted instrument depth transducers (ex. E26009 P7 Thru-Hull Depth Transducer, E26027-PZ P66 Transom Mounted Depth Transducer). Alternatively, the ST40 depth sounding instrument may be replaced with an i50 Depth Instrument (ST60 instruments have been retired for several years) and the ST40 may then then be configured to repeat depth from the i50 Depth Instrument.