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4kw Open Array not connecting - JVM225 - 05-03-17 11:18 AM

The boat is new to me. Radar worked well on sea trials and subsequent runs. Finally brought it home Sunday and it worked perfectly for the 6 1/2 hr cruise home.
I shut it down by depressing the standby button on the MFD once I got home.
But was unable to get it going again later that day when I was sitting at the dock and wanted to spend some time familiarizing myself with it.
It is networked to 2 C125 MFD's updated to Lighthouse version 17 several months ago. There is also a Ray 240 on the network.
Boat batteries test good, are fully charged, and charger/convertor is on.
Message: "Radar 4kW HD Color Array (-30023) Off/not connected".
I select on then after a brief waiting period while it is trying to connect I get message:
"No Radar source found"
I've already tried to correct it by doing a "System settings & Data Reset" but it didn't help.
Is there anything else I can try?

RE: 4kw Open Array not connecting - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-03-17 01:58 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum JVM225,

It is recommended that the vessel be connected to shore power, that its batteries be permitted to fully charge. Afterwards and while still connected to shore power, it is recommended that the radar be tested again. It is recommended that radomes and open array pedestals be powered from a dedicated switched power circuit which is not powering the system's other marine electronic devices. Should the reported issue persist, then it is recommended that the circuit supplying the open array pedestal with power be switched OFF and then ON again. After doing so, the Radar application should no longer report "No Radar source found".

RE: 4kw Open Array not connecting - JVM225 - 05-03-17 02:50 PM

The were fully charged and the boat was connected to shore power when I tried to get the radar to connect.
As the boat is new to me, I haven't torn in to it enough to find the dedicated source of power for the radar, or a switch to switch that circuit off.
There is a fuse for "radar" in the electronics fuse panel under the dash, but I'm not convinced that it is providing power to this radar unit which was a replacement for the one Sea Ray installed back in 2002. I've tested that fuse and it is good.
But I did power everything down, including the MFD's, turned off the battery solenoids, and shut down the AC convertor for a few minutes in an attempt to cut all power to the radar unit and reset it. Then I turned the convertor and battery solenoids back on, restarted one of the C125 MFD's, and again attempted to get the radar going but got the exact same results.
What can I try next?
Would it be worth powering up the MFD, and with it powered up, turning the power toggle switch on the base of the radar unit itself off for a minute or so and then back on again and then try connecting through the MFD again?
Does that toggle switch completely shut off power to the unit?

RE: 4kw Open Array not connecting - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-04-17 08:59 AM


The switch located on the back side of the pedestal does not switch off power to the pedestal. This switch simply controls whether the array will rotate (i.e. it is switched off when servicing the pedestal). If uncertain of the circuit supplying power to the pedestal, then one may simply unplug the Digital Radar Cable from the pedestal's socket and then plug it back in again.

RE: 4kw Open Array not connecting - JVM225 - 05-08-17 12:29 PM

I was able to dig in and find the power source and ground. The ground had a loose female spade connector that worked it's way off. I crimped on a new one and all is good again. It's always nice when it winds up being something simple. It would have been nicer if the installer would have labeled things, but at least know I know where it is getting power from.
Thanks Chuck!

RE: 4kw Open Array not connecting - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-08-17 12:45 PM

You're welcome.