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Can I use GPS without Navionics Card? - heyrude - 05-10-17 01:29 PM

Hi all -

Bought a Pro 7 with Nav+, promptly lost the Nav+ card.

With the GPS feature, can I still use the chartplotter, and will it show me any detail on the US lakes? It seemed like it was not giving me any water detail when I was out on Bull Shoals Lake, and the water appeared the same way land does.

Appreciate any help/advice.

RE: Can I use GPS without Navionics Card? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-10-17 01:44 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum heyrude,

Unfortunately, Dragonfly displays are completely dependent upon a Navionic+, C-Map Essentials, or LightHouse Chart card to be present within the display's memory card reader when desiring to display detailed cartography. In the absence of a chart card providing cartography for the waters being navigated, the base world maps will be displayed. The base world maps include no detailed cartography and are not intended for navigation. Accordingly, you will need to purchase a Navionics+ chart card from an authorized Navionics dealer to replace that which was lost.